Club-Cup: Georg wins the first tournament in the rapid series!

[table id=2019RapidCupR1 /]

We will continue in the Club-Cup with the championship starting 5th November 2019 – time control is like in the ZMM: 60 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds bonus! It will be probably 5 rounds Swiss system.

The next tournament in the Rapid Competition will be early next year 7th January 2020!

All tournaments and further information: Rapid-Cup 2019/20

ZMM: Letzi 2 starts with a loss into the season, Letzi 1 wins forfait!

Unfortunately, SG Zurich 2 was not able to set up a team for the first round and had to forfeit against our Letzi 1.

After the promotion, our 2nd team had to start against strong Chessflyers – please welcome Sam and Florian who played their first game for our club! Vladimir had a great result against a much stronger player on paper:

[table id=2019ZMML2R1 /]

Letzi 3 was free from play in round 1.

The next round:
Monday 18.11.2019: Nimzowitsch 2 – Letzi 2
Tuesday 19.11.2019: Letzi 3 – Langnau 2
Thursday 21.11.2019: ASK Réti 2 – Letzi 1

All results, schedules and further information: ZMM

Before the start into the new ZMM and SGM season!

We just finished the SMM and are already in the plannings for the new season in the ZMM and SGM. Letzi has again teams in both competitions!


Letzi 1 in 1st Regionalliga Zone C with Captain Laurent Schneider
Letzi 2 in 3rd Regionalliga Zone M with Captain Daniel Muster

All results, schedules and further information: SGM


Letzi 1 with Captain Werner Brunner (supported by Daniel Muster) in league Pa
Letzi 2 with Captain Dimitrios Leventeas (supported by Julien Cretin) in league Pb
Letzi 3 with Captain Roger Loup (supported by Roland Löhr) in league IIb

All results, schedules and further information: ZMM
more information can be found in the internet:

SMM: Letzi 1 lost against Zug in the last round

[table id=2019SMML1R7 /]

Some statistics about the past season …

  • Roger Loup was the only one who played all 7 rounds, followed by Ulazdimir Kokarau with 6 games.
  • Ulazdimir is ahead in another statistic: he is our top-scorer with 5.5 out of 6! As well as with the best rating step!
    He is followed by Julien Cretin with 4/5 and Daniel Muster with 3.5/5.
    Congratulations to all of them!
  • Laurent Schneider had a great result (3/4), too and crossed the 2000! It could have been even better, as he had a must-win-situation in the last round.
  • The best avarage of all opponents had Rainer Schaub with 2067 on board 1, followed by Shardul Paricharak (1987) and Jarek Bukwa (1965).
  • We had 13 members who played for Team 1 whereas 16 started for Team 2; in total 23 players started in the past SMM season.
  • There was only one forfeit in a total of 78 games.
  • The strongest oppenent was Zug 1 for Letzi 1 with an average of 1991, for Letzi 2 it was UBS 1 with 1915 … unfortunately, we lost both matches.
  • And we were not really lucky with the drawings: 8 away-, but only 5 times home-matches.

All results, schedules and further information: SMM