SMM Groups online

The SMM groups are online. Letzi participates with two teams this year:

Zentral II (404/Samstag/7er-Gruppe)Ost IV (504/Woche/8er-Gruppe)
Letzi 1Letzi 2
Tribschen 2Glattbrugg 1
Oftringen 1Oberglatt 2
Tre Valli 1Schlieren 1
Zürich 4Zürich 5
Gligoric 2Escher Wyss 1
Höngg 1Chessflyers 2
Seebach 1

Reminder: We will play again at GZ Bachwiesen on 24th August. Until then, it remains closed.

Changes in the Letzi Committee

There were a few changes in the committee at the general assembly on June 8th 2021. Kurt Glatzfelder was newly appointed as a president taking over from Roland Löhr. Roger Loup is again youth leader, Dimitris the newly elected gamemaster. Patric Müller and Osi Odermatt have been confirmed in their positions as treasurer and “Aktuar”.


I would like again to call your attention to our general assembly to be held on June 8th 2021.
It is important this time as I will step down – as already announced – from my position as President and that a successor has to be elected.
Please register as soon as possible, but latest by June 4th 2021 – many thanks in advance!

At the Swiss Team Battle we were able to hold league L4 with a good team performance – congrats to our top scorer Patric, Werner and tied Fabio, Daniel und Murat! Next round will played Tuesday June 1st 2021 starting at 19:30 (time control 5+3):

Letzi Chess News

Last Tuesday, we finally were able to play a tournament over the board in the GZ Bachwiesen again. Congrats to Dimitris for winning in front of Roger and Murat! You can find the ranking on our homepage a bit further down.

After the promotion to league 4 in the Swiss Team Battle we will play there the upcoming Tuesday May 18th 2021 starting at 19:30 (time control 5+3):

And some good news at the end: With an impressive finish we collected at the end 727 “Vereinsbons” and a direct donation in the project “Support Your Sport”. Altogether we received almost 260 CHF which we will spend on youth development! Many thanks to all of you for supporting us!

News about chess

We plan to organize a rapid tournament over the board (time control of 7+3) the upcoming Tuesday May 11th in the GZ Bachwiesen. Because of the restriction still only with a maximum of 8 players. Please register until Tuesday 15:00 via the following doodle
Please note, the tournament will be cancelled with less than 5 players!

The Swiss Championships SEM will be played in Flims from July 8th-16th 2021! You can find further information here:
If you would like to participate, please register by May 26th.

In the Swiss Team Battle we are back in League 4 – congrats especially to Fabio, Werner and Kurt! Next round we be player on Tuesday 18th starting at 19:30 with a time control of 5+3:

And there is chess in the “Tagi” (Tagesanzeiger) as well – you can find there news, problems to solves, articles worth reading:

And … do not hesitate to register for our general assembly on June 8th!