Club Cup 2017-2018: Blitz Tournament Round 1 of 4

Congratulations to Georg Kradolfer for winning the blitz tournament on Tuesday, August 22, 2017! Thank you, Roger Loup, for the organization.

1Georg KradolferX0.5011111117.51
2Roland Löhr0.5X1010010.5154
3Werner Brunner10X11110.5016.52
4Thomas Lutz010X0110.5014.56
5Dimitros Leventeas0001X0001139
6Franco Rocco01001X001147
7Patric Müller010011X01154
8Ian Cary000.50.5111X10.55.53
9Francesco Bruscoli00.5110000X13.58
10Roger Loup00000000.50X0.510

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