SMM: Letzi 2 draws against Zimmerberg 2 in round 3

Our team 2 drew against Zimmerberg 2 in round 3 – Uladimir continues his great run with another win on board 1!

Zimmerberg 2
Letzi 2
Werner Eggenberger
Uladzimir Kokarau
Lennox Binz
Thomas Schmid
Julius Selecky
Jörg Lutz
Gabriel Dettling
Franco Rocco
Dusan Vaso
Julien Cretin
Istvan Csajka
Roger Loup

Next matches:
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 (round 4): Letzi 2 – Säuliamt 1
Saturday, May 25, 2019 (round 4): Olten 3 – Letzi 1

All results, schedules and further information: SMM

Werner Brunner is Blitz Champion 2017-2018

The winner of the 4th and final round of the Letzi Blitz Championship 2017-2018 is Werner Brunner. Congratulations! Playing outside in the fresh air in Zurich was good for him. He went undefeated in the double round robin tournament with time control 5 minutes + 2 seconds per move. Kurt Glatzfelder came second and Roger Loup third. Many thanks to all who played!

This was the second victory and third podium for Werner. He dominated the blitz championship this season and won his first Letzi blitz title. Congratulations!

RankNamePtsChamp. Pts
1Werner Brunner10.025
2Kurt Glatzfelder8.020
3Roger Loup5.518
4Franco Rocco4.516
5Magdy Megeid2.0-
6Thomas Güldenapfel0.014

Blitz Chess Championship Standings after 4 rounds:
1. Werner Brunner 70
2. Franco Rocco 46
3. Thomas Lutz 42

All details and results: Blitz Championship 2017-2018

Team-Cup Round 1

Letzi starts with a great win at home against SV March-Höfe:

SV March-Höfe
Markus Kauch
Peter Christen
Ian Cary (C)
Wolfgang Berg (C)
Laurent Schneider
Daniel Zangger
Thomas Schmid
Christopher Purgaj

Everything close in gong chess

Kurt Glatzfelder and Thomas Schmid both occupied the first place with 3.0 from 4 points to win the fourth and final round of the Fun Cup. They won the round-robin tournament in Zurich with the 10-second gong chess time control.

RankName12345PtsFun Cup Pts
1=Kurt GlatzfelderX1.
1=Thomas Schmid0.0X1.
3Ian Cary0.01.0X1.01.02.018
4=Andras Miklos0.00.00.0X1.01.015
4=Thomas Güldenapfel1.

Ian Cary dominates the hourglass tournament

Ian Cary dominates with 9.0 of 10 points to take the 3rd round of the Fun Cup 2017-2018 by mastering the 1-minute hourglass time control and winning the double round-robin tournament in Zurich.

RankName123456PtsFun Cup Pts
1Ian CaryX1.
2Kurt Glatzfelder1.0X1.
3Franco Rocco0.01.0X1.51.52.018
4Roger Loup0.01.00.5X1.51.016
5Thomas Güldenapfel0.
6Julien Cretin0.

The 4th round (bughouse) will take place next week on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, at 7:30 P.M.

Werner Brunner goes undefeated in the 2nd rapid tournament

The winner of round 2 of the Rapid Championship 2017-2018 is Werner Brunner. Congratulations! He went undefeated. Shardul came second. And there was a 4-way tie for third place but Dimitris had the most Buchholz tie-breaker points and took third. Thanks to everyone who played.

RankNamePtsBuchholzChamp. Pts
1Werner Brunner4.515.525
2Shardul Paricharak4.014.020
3Dimitrios Leventeas3.014.518
4Vincenzo Serratore3.012.016
5Willi Frech3.011.014
5Kurt Glatzfelder3.09.512
7Franco Rocco2.513.510
8Jörg Lutz1.012.59
9Roger Loup1.011.58
10Thomas Güldenapfel0.011.07

Rapid Chess Championship Standings after 2 rounds:
1. Vincenzo Serratore 29
2= Roland Löhr 25
2= Werner Brunner 25

The third round takes place on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 19:30.

All details and results: Rapid Chess Championship 2017-2018

Roland Löhr dominates the 1st rapid tournament of the season

The winner of round 1 of the Rapid Championship 2017-2018 is Roland Löhr! Congratulations! He won all his games. Second place went to Laurent Schneider and Lukasz Wojciechowski came in third. Thanks to everyone who played.

RankNamePtsBuchholzChamp. Pts
1Roland Löhr5.013.525
2Laurent Schneider3.515.020
3Lukasz Wojciechowski3.513.018
4Georg Kradolfer3.014.516
5Vincenzo Serratore2.512.513
5Joerg Lutz2.512.513
7Thomas Lutz2.511.510
8Kurt Glatzfelder2.016.09
9Roger Loup2.09.08
10Janusz Barczyk1.512.07
11Willi Frech1.59.56
12Dimitros Leventeas0.511.05

Rapid Chess Championship Standings after 1 round:
1. Roland Löhr 25
2. Laurent Schneider 20
3. Lukasz Wojciechowski 18

The second round of the Rapid Championship takes place on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 19:30.