Club Championship will start September 12th

On Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 19.30 we’ll begin the club championship. This is a series of long games where we play one game per club night over the course of the year. If you’d like to participate, please reply with the following form to Please register before Tuesday so we can be prepare the tournament.

The schedule for the upcoming season can be downloaded here: Activities Plan 2017-18

SMM – Both teams lost in the penultimate round

Not a lot to earn for team 1 – against the strong Chur only Captain Laurent and Patric were able to draw.

Last round of this exciting 1st league season will be against Wädenswil on the 23rd September. With a win in the last round we still could stay in the league!

SC Letzi 1-Chur 11:7
Roland Löhr-Guido Neuberger0:1
Jaroslaw Bukwa-Slobodan Adzic0:1
Fabio Degiacomi-Dario Bischofberger0:1
Thomas Lutz-Christian Binggeli0:1
Laurent Schneider-Paul Risch½:½
Kurt Glatzfelder-Peter A. Wyss0:1
Oswald Odermatt-Thomas Eberle0:1
Patric Müller-Anna Adzic½:½

Standings after round 6: 1. Pfäffikon 9 (28). 2. Bodan II 9 (26). 3. Chur 8 (29½). 4. Wädenswil 8 (26½). 5. Sprengschach 5 (23½). 6. Flawil 4 (19½). 7. St. Gallen III 3 (20½). 8. Letzi 2 (18½).

Letzi 2 lost their away match at Escher-Wyss, a direct rival against the relegation:

Escher Wyss 1-SC Letzi 24:2
Bruno Haas-Roger Loup1:0
Philipp Roth-Daniel Werner½:½
Zivica Milicev-Janusz Barczyk1:0
Osman Hamzic-Fabio Pericoli1:0
Matteo Minacci-Dimitrios Leventeas0:1
Bernhard Egger-Roland Enderli½:½

Last round will be at home against Reti 6 on the 19th September – there are still some chances to stay in league 3!

SGM 2017/18 – drawings have been made

In the upcoming SGM season we will again start with 3 teams:

1. Regionalliga Zone C:
Höngg 1
Olten 2
Herrliberg 1
Zug 1
Zürich Letzi 1
Wollishofen 2
Brugg 1
Winterthur 3

2. Regionalliga Zone F:
Zürich Escher Wyss 1
Winterthur 4
Zürich Letzi 2
Embrach 1
Zürich SG 3
Schaffhausen Munot 1
Chessflyers 1

3. Regionalliga Zone N:
Wollishofen 5
Gligoric 2
Embrach 3
Schaffhausen Munot 3
Réti 7
Zürich Letzi 3
Winterthur 6

Club Cup 2017-2018: Blitz Tournament Round 1 of 4

Congratulations to Georg Kradolfer for winning the blitz tournament on Tuesday, August 22, 2017! Thank you, Roger Loup, for the organization.

1Georg KradolferX0.5011111117.51
2Roland Löhr0.5X1010010.5154
3Werner Brunner10X11110.5016.52
4Thomas Lutz010X0110.5014.56
5Dimitros Leventeas0001X0001139
6Franco Rocco01001X001147
7Patric Müller010011X01154
8Ian Cary000.50.5111X10.55.53
9Francesco Bruscoli00.5110000X13.58
10Roger Loup00000000.50X0.510