SGM 2022 Round 5

Letzi 1Tribschen 22½-3½
Massimo MaffioliMario Bobbià½-½
Kurt GlatzfelderToni Riedener0-1
Oswald OdermattClaudio Caduff1-0
Werner BrunnerMarkus Eichenberger1-0
Paul DreherHugo Ensmenger0-1
Samuel BeattyThomas Bachmann0-1

Endgame training and Blitz tournament at 15th March

We started at 18:30 with endgame training, based on the book 100 Endgames that you must know. We looked at the endgames 10 until 12 which are about tricky situation of Knight versus a pawn.

At 19:30 we had a Blitz tournament.


SGM 2022: Round 5

DSSP 1Letzi 13½-2½
Joachim KamborOswald Odermatt1-0
Florian BousMassimo Maffioli½-½
Thomas KohliWerner Brunner½-½
Nicola SchmidShardul Paricharak½-½
Tim Von FlüeNakul Paricharak1-0
N.N.Roger Loup0-1

Letzi participating at “Support your Sport”

We are now again registered at “Support your Sport”

Who buys at Migros can collect “Vereinsbons”. In case please ask the cashier or get back to the customer service in your local shop. Those vouchers can be spent for a project of a club; e.g. for our team on this page

Just scan your voucher on this site – please let us know if you would need help with this.

We would like to spend the obtained amount on our youth development!

Please do not treat this as a request to go for additional shopping or for an extra donation to the club via this platform! However, just with a registration to this initiative we will receive support from the Migros subvention fund.

SGM 2022: Round 4

DSSP 1Letzi 13½-2½
Ilja ZatagatskiMassimo Maffioli1-0
Yanik KnappShardul Paricharak½-½
Milo TahedlPatric Müller1-0
Tomasz IngielewiczOswald Odermatt0-1
Tamerlan BegdullayevJörg Lutz1-0
Christian MazenauerDimitrios Leventeas0-1

Rapid 22/2/2022

We celebrated this special date with a special time control.

2:22 with 22 seconds increment.


SGM 2022: 3rd Round

Chessflyers 1Letzi 15-1
Hansuli RemensbergerMassimo Maffioli½-½
Walter ZollingerWerner Brunner½-½
Paul RemensbergerNakul Paricharak1-0
Arnold FuchsOsi Odermatt1-0
Gionata VogtPaul Dreher1-0
Beat TscharnerBryan Hess1-0

Paul, the team captain, writes:

Unfortunately, we didn’t have our best day. Only Massimo and Werner managed to bring some points through draw, resulting to a 5:1 loss against a strong opposing team. Nevertheless, it was a nice and didactic chess evening!