SGM 2022: 7th Round

Letzi 1Zug 14-1
Nakul ParicharakGavin Zweifel½-½
Massimo MaffioliCyrille Leuthold1-0
Werner BrunnerWilli Oürig½-½
Oswald OdermattBruno Kälin1-0
Kurt GlatzfelderFF1-0

SGM 2022: Round 5

DSSP 1Letzi 13½-2½
Joachim KamborOswald Odermatt1-0
Florian BousMassimo Maffioli½-½
Thomas KohliWerner Brunner½-½
Nicola SchmidShardul Paricharak½-½
Tim Von FlüeNakul Paricharak1-0
N.N.Roger Loup0-1

SGM 2022: Round 4

DSSP 1Letzi 13½-2½
Ilja ZatagatskiMassimo Maffioli1-0
Yanik KnappShardul Paricharak½-½
Milo TahedlPatric Müller1-0
Tomasz IngielewiczOswald Odermatt0-1
Tamerlan BegdullayevJörg Lutz1-0
Christian MazenauerDimitrios Leventeas0-1

SGM 2022: 3rd Round

Chessflyers 1Letzi 15-1
Hansuli RemensbergerMassimo Maffioli½-½
Walter ZollingerWerner Brunner½-½
Paul RemensbergerNakul Paricharak1-0
Arnold FuchsOsi Odermatt1-0
Gionata VogtPaul Dreher1-0
Beat TscharnerBryan Hess1-0

Paul, the team captain, writes:

Unfortunately, we didn’t have our best day. Only Massimo and Werner managed to bring some points through draw, resulting to a 5:1 loss against a strong opposing team. Nevertheless, it was a nice and didactic chess evening!

SGM 2022: 2nd round

Letzi 1Réti 32-4
Werner BrunnerFabian Lang0-1
Kurt GlatzfelderJulius Scherler0-1
Nakul ParicharakEugen Fleischer 0-1
Osi OdermattBernhard Brodowsky1-0
Patric MüllerRaphael Steiner1-0
Dimitrios LeventeasChristian Suter0-1

SGM 2022: Round 1

Letzi 1Nimzowitch 23-3
Werner BrunnerJean-Marc Bosch1-0
Osi OdermattMarkus Germann½-½
Patric MüllerFelix Schwab0-1
Nakul ParicharakBeat Zaugg½-½
Dimitrios LeventeasHeinz Vifian1-0
Bryan HessUrs Martin Egli0-1

SGM 2022: Round 1

News about chess at Letzi

Hopefully, you had a good start into 2021 and you are healthy!

It is still not possible to meet for chess over the board in our venue GZ Bachwiesen. We might be able to offer kids training under certain restrictions, but this is under clarification at the moment.

Unfortunately, the Swiss Chess Federation had to cancel the first round of the SGM light and it is under discussion whether the remaining can be played or not:

Because of this I would like to call your attention to our team on!
Roger will continue to organize tournaments in 2021 on this platform as well – please support him on this and let him know which time control and modus you would prefer: Blitz or Rapid, with or without increment, Arena or Swiss style…
The leagues in the Swiss Team Battle are getting stronger and stronger and after competing for quite some time in L2 we suddenly find ourselves there in the 4th!
On January 26th we will continue with a time control of 5+3:
Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!

Christmas Newsletter

Dear Chess Friends,

The year is now slowly coming to an end and even though the situation is recently not developing so positively, I hope that you are healthy and can spend the holidays with family and friends!

Because of the restrictions of the GZ Bachwiesen and the Bundesrat/BAG, we cannot meet in our venue until January 22nd. However, until then we have at least some online chess on the agenda, starting with a rapid tournament in arena style on lichess:

Over Christmas and new Year there is again a Swiss Team Battle, this time we start in league 3 (time control 5+0):

The SGM light is supposed to start on January 23rd. However, the decision about this will be taken by the end of December. You already can find the drawings on our homepage:

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a – especially healthy – Happy New Year 2021!

All the best
Roland Löhr


Let’s close this difficult year with a Christmas tournament over the board on December 8th 2020 – blitz or rapid will be decided by our tournament director Roger! Please let us know in the following doodle if you would like to participate – it very much helps us with the planning:
And please be aware that we will be strictly playing under the regulations of the BAG and the GZ!

As already announced, the SGM light will start January 23rd 2021. In total 126 teams registered for this upcoming season – with one Letzi team in the competition. As soon as we receive the drawings, we will inform you! Please check out more details on the homepage of the chess federation:

Last but not least: The upcoming Tuesday December 1st we will have again a team in the Swiss Team Battle league L3 starting at 19:30 with a time control of 3+2:
As usual: Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!

Chess News

The Zurich Chess Federation has announced to cancel the ZMM “light” 2020//21 because of the circumstances around the Corona-Virus.

For the SGM “light” starting in January 2021 we registered one team for the Regionalliga 1. Please enter your availability to the doodle if not yet done.

Unfortunately, we got relegated in the Swiss Team Battle. Tuesday November 3rd we will now start in league 3 with a time control of 5+3:
Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!

Please continue to follow the safety regulations of the BAG, the SSB and the GZ, e.g.

    • stay at home if you do not feel well – in case we would have to send you home
    • please wash your hands before and after the chess evening
    • from an age of 12 you have to wear a sanitary face mask
    • please keep a distance of 1.5 meter whenever possible
    • the room must be aired out on a regular base
    • there is a maximum of 15 persons an evening