SMM 2022 2nd Round

Letzi 1Schaffhausen/Munot 11½-4½
Shardul ParicharakHorst Zesiger1-0
Thomas GüldenapfelYun Pan0-1
Kurt GlatzfelderRobert Schweizer½-½
Janusz BarczykBeda Fäh0-1
NNRidvan Ismaili0-1
NNChristian Aeschlimann0-1

Schlieren 1Letzi 21-3
Sergio MilesiFabio Degiacomi0-1
Mario, Rui de Oliveira NevesNakul Paricharak0-1
Martin LachatRoger Loup1-0
Raffael SchellenbergPatric Müller0-1

SMM 2022: 1st Round

Réti 4Letzi 15-1
Konstantinos Ragios Kurt Glatzfelder1-0
Eugen Fleischer Shardul Paricharak0-1
Anna AdzicOswald Odermatt1-0
Fabian HotzDimitrios Leventeas1-0
Sebastian CuriMurat Cevik1-0
Raphael SteinerChristopher Hehlgans1-0

Letzi 2 Réti 52-2
Fabio Degiacomi Daniel Lienhard 1-0
Nakul ParicharakKurt Juchli1-0
Roger LoupJon Florin0-1
Thomas Güldenapfel Werner Riniker-Gertiser 0-1

SMM 2021: Round 7

For the last round of SMM, we had some mixed results. Both of our team will stay on the same leagues for the next year (2. Liga and 3. Liga respektively).

Letzi 1Oftringen 12½-1½
Dimitrios Leventeas Daniel Giudici 0-1
Kurt GlatzfelderUrs Suter1-0
Patric Müller Jean-Louis Mackels1-0
Oswald OdermattRoger Mayer½-½

Schlieren 1 Letzi 2 3½-½
Michel GrandjeanThomas Houweling½-½
Sergio MilesiNakul Paricharak1-0
Martin LachatRoger Loup1-0
Raffael SchellenbergMurat Cevik1-0

SMM 2021 Round 2

Gligoric 2Letzi 12½ - 1½
Vili SaricRoger Loup1-0
Dragan SibalicClement Richet0-1
Radoje BojicBryan Hess½-½
Abbas KhalilN.N.1-0

Letzi 2Seebach 12½ - 1½
Thomas HouwelingJuan Kostelec1-0
Patric MüllerFrederik Wolgast Rorbech1-0
Arthur StorrerPhilippe Grönquist0-1
Murat CevikMatthias Lobmayer½-½

SMM game analysis and Rapid tournament

On Tuesday 31st August, we met at GZ Bachwiesen. During the first 30 minutes, until 20:00, we analysed a game from Saturday that was played in the context of SMM. Patric was playing a strong opponent. He had to defend well for several moves until they reached a same color bishop endgame with a lot of pawns that was drawn.

After the game analysis, we played a Rapid tournament. The time control was 10 min. + 5 sec/move with 4 rounds. We have a shared win among three (!) participants: Georg, Patric, and Albi finished on the first place with three points each.


Some photos from the last round:

On the coming Tuesday, we plan to play again at the GZ Bachwiesen. We hope to see you there.

SMM – 1. Round

Höngg 1Letzi 13½ - ½
Manuel ValdiviaClement Richet1-0
Jürg HaslerOswald Odermatt1-0
Vauda BilinskiPatric Müller½-½
Guido OsioDimitrios Leventeas1-0
Escher Wyss 1Letzi 21½ - 2½
Philipp RothRoger Loup½-½
Rolf LeisingerArthur Storrer0-1
Micha FreiBryan Hess0-1
Matteo MinacciChristopher Hehlgans1-0

SMM game analysis and Blitz tournament

After almost a month, we met yesterday again at GZ Bachwiesen. During the first 30 minutes, until 20:00 we analysed two games from Monday that were played in the context of SMM. Roger had a long game (almost 70 moves!) against a strong opponent. Chris on the other hand reached a very sharp position quickly.

After the game analysis, we played a Blitz tournament. The time control was 5 min. + 3 sec/move. Jaroslaw won convincingly the first place, having beaten all of his opponents.


A photo of the winner:
Der Gewinner des Turnieres

Almost at the same time, we had an online presence. Some strong players from our club chose to participate to the Swiss L3 Team Battle. The team, despite being one player short, did quite well.

On the coming Tuesday, we plan to play again at the GZ Bachwiesen. We hope to see you there.