Activities in August

There is lots of chess to be played in the upcoming weeks – online tournaments on and the first September weekend will be the postponed last round of the SGM season 2019/20. Especially here we need your support to set up a strong team!

Let’s start with an internal blitz tournament (5 Minutes + 3 seconds bonus, rated) on August 4th starting at 20:00

In case you are not yet registered with our team, you can find us here:

In the Swiss Team Battle we were able to stay in league 2 – congratulations to all players for this strong performance! The next round will be played on August 11th from 19:30:

The Swiss Chess Federation announced the Swiss Online Championships (SICOC) in rapid and blitz:
Blitz on 22./23.8.2020
Rapid on 29./30.8.2020
Please have a look here for further details

The last round in the SGM season 2019/20 in March had to be postponed – it should now be played Saturday September 5th! Letzi 1 is still in danger of being relegated, Letzi 2 already won the league:
Zug 1 – Letzi 1
Nimzowitsch 5 – Letzi 2
Please have this in your calendar!