News about GZ, Swiss Team Battle, SGM and our Annual Meeting

For at least half a year we can meet every Tuesday evening in the Cafeteria of the GZ Bachwiesen (Bachwiesenstrasse 40, Zürich) and finally play chess again over-the-board!

We will start on September 29th with the kids training from 18:30 – 19:15 and continue after a break of 30 minutes at 19:45 with an open rapid tournament.

There is one parking place for us – please ask me to get the ticket for the front window or pick it from the box with the chess material. In case there is more than one driver, I would like to give the ticket “round-robin”. There are more parking areas nearby, like at the Pflegezentrum or the Freilager.

Because of the Covid-19 circumstances, we kindly ask you to register beforehand with me or Roger.
When we play chess, please respect the rules defined by the Federal Office of Public Health such as washing hands and staying home if sick. We will also take attendance every chess evening. For more guidance, please visit and
We will provide some hand sanitizer at the venue.

In the Swiss Team Battle we were able to stay in league 2 with a great 4th place! Congratulations especially to our best players Patric Müller, Clément Richet and Georg Kradolfer!
The next round will be October 6th from 19:30:
Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!

The SGM 2020/21 has been cancelled and will be replaced by a “SGM light”; please check out the homepage of the SSB for more details:

And please do not forget to register for the annual meeting on October 13th!