Firstly, I would like to appeal to you to support our team captains with entering your availability to the doodles for the SGM (start in January 2021) and ZMM (will start already in November!).

We will continue to meet every Tuesday evening in the Cafeteria of the GZ Bachwiesen (not in the Pflegezentrum!). As discussed at our annual meeting, we will try to extend our contract with the GZ at least until October 2021. In case of any match on a Saturday we will try to get a room there or in the Hallenbad Altstetten.

Apropos annual meeting: We had elections and Dimitris Leventeas as inventory manager, Osi Odermatt as Aktuar and Patric Müller as treasurer joined the commitee. Many thanks especially to Roland Enderli and Dimitris Leventeas (actually, he’ll stay …) for your support over the past years!
If you would like to contribute as a manager of the homepage or with sending out the newsletter – please get in touch with me!

Next round in the Swiss Team Battle will be October 20th:
Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!

And yet again: Please continue to follow the regulations of the BAG and the recommendations of the Swiss Chess Federation – this supports in particular our club in this challenging situation!