News from the club

We still can meet under certain constraints in our venue GZ – please refer to some regulations further down in this newsletter!
This Tuesday November 10th, our tournament director Roger Loup will organize a rapid tournament!

In the Swiss Team Battle we managed to advance back to league 2! Best player for Letzi: Werner, Georg and Patric – but congrats to the whole team! Tuesday November 17th we will now start in league 2 with a time control of 5+0:
Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!
You can also find an article on the SSB homepage about the Swiss Team Battle:

Please continue to follow the safety regulations of the BAG, the SSB and the GZ, e.g.

    • stay at home if you do not feel well – in case we would have to send you home
    • pass your contact details to our Covid responsible, i.e. Roger Loup
    • please wash your hands before and after the chess evening
    • from an age of 12 you have to wear a sanitary face mask
    • please keep a distance of 1.5 meter whenever possible
    • there is a maximum of 15 persons an evening
    • the room must be aired out on a regular base

Further information from the chess federation can be found here: