ZMM 2021: 3rd Round

Letzi 1SG Zürich2-2
Werner BrunnerThomas Kummle1-0
Massimo MaffioliStuder Vital½-½
Kurt GlatzfelderChristian Issler½-½
Dimitris LeventeasBrandis Benjamin0-1
Escher Wyss 1Letzi 21-3
Ernst MarteNakul Paricharak½-½
Rolf LeisingerPatric Müller0-1
Milan ObradovicMurat Cevik0-1
Matteo MinacciPaul Dreher½-½

A description of the games for Letzi 1, by Werner, who is the team captain for Letzi 1.

As you already know, we drew against a strong team (SG Zürich 2).
Dimitris was unlucky, since he lost unfortunately from a good position.
On the opposite direction was the game from Kurt. He managed to save it from a losing position, according to his words.
Massimo, with his win against the Elo stronger player managed to prevent the team from losing.