ZMM 2021: Round 5

ASK Reti 3Letzi 11-3
Liuis Uso i CubertorerMauro Petrolo½-½
Kurt JuchliMassimo Maffioli0-1
Herbert MeierWerner Brunner0-1
Curi SebastianDimitrios Leventeas½-½

Letzi 2Riesbach 13-1
Nakul ParicharakHans Honauer1-0
Patric MüllerAndries Bosma1-0
Jörg LutzJonathan Clibio½-½
Samuel BeattyAntonio Auf der Mauer½-½

Congratulation to Letzi 2 for the promotion!

You can find all the results here.

A couple of photos from the players of Letzi 2 who played in the last round.