Activities in August

There is lots of chess to be played in the upcoming weeks – online tournaments on and the first September weekend will be the postponed last round of the SGM season 2019/20. Especially here we need your support to set up a strong team!

Let’s start with an internal blitz tournament (5 Minutes + 3 seconds bonus, rated) on August 4th starting at 20:00

In case you are not yet registered with our team, you can find us here:

In the Swiss Team Battle we were able to stay in league 2 – congratulations to all players for this strong performance! The next round will be played on August 11th from 19:30:

The Swiss Chess Federation announced the Swiss Online Championships (SICOC) in rapid and blitz:
Blitz on 22./23.8.2020
Rapid on 29./30.8.2020
Please have a look here for further details

The last round in the SGM season 2019/20 in March had to be postponed – it should now be played Saturday September 5th! Letzi 1 is still in danger of being relegated, Letzi 2 already won the league:
Zug 1 – Letzi 1
Nimzowitsch 5 – Letzi 2
Please have this in your calendar!

Roland wins the first Online Rapid!

It was at least a start into online chess for Letzi! Roland was able to win the first rapid tournament ahead of Dimitris and Roger

Roland Löhr
Dimitrios Leventeas
Roger Loup
Massimo Maffioli
1½ (ohne Spiel)
Julien Cretin
Janusz Barczyk
0 (aus 2)

Next week June 16th we plan to organize an online blitz tournament – Please register to our team “SC Letzi Zürich” on!


Update to the current Situation – SC Letzi goes online!

Dear Chess Friends,

Even though the situation is getting better, we are further under the influence of the Corona-Virus. Unfortunately, we still cannot play in our venue Pflegezentrum Bachwiesen. All events there have been cancelled and the house is closed for the public.

But also the team events are suffering: The SMM 2020 has been cancelled and the last round of the SGM 2019/20 is postponed to September 5th.

Most probably, you are keeping yourself up-to-date with one of the various online activities.
Also our club opened at a team “SC Letzi Zürich”, which is being administered by our tournament director Roger Loup. An account at is for free and as well the first choice of the Swiss Chess Federation.
The upcoming Tuesday we will start with an internal rapid tournament over a distance of 2 hours – we are looking forward to your registration!
There are more events to come as well as with different time formats!

Here is the link to our team at

And this is the tournament on June 9th starting at 19:00:

There is lots of chess going on in the internet:

  • Checkout as the Swiss Chess Federation organizes online tournaments and offers video lessons!
  • There are several commercial sides like, and where you can play chess, follow GM tournaments or improve your chess with video series.
  • But have a look at the homepages of other clubs as well – many of them are offering open online tournaments now.

However – hopefully, we will meet each other soon again over the board!

All the best and stay healthy!
Roland Löhr
P.S.: In case you would like to play already in June an open tournament in Wil: