Endgame training and Blitz tournament at 15th March

We started at 18:30 with endgame training, based on the book 100 Endgames that you must know. We looked at the endgames 10 until 12 which are about tricky situation of Knight versus a pawn.

At 19:30 we had a Blitz tournament.


SMM game analysis and Blitz tournament

After almost a month, we met yesterday again at GZ Bachwiesen. During the first 30 minutes, until 20:00 we analysed two games from Monday that were played in the context of SMM. Roger had a long game (almost 70 moves!) against a strong opponent. Chris on the other hand reached a very sharp position quickly.

After the game analysis, we played a Blitz tournament. The time control was 5 min. + 3 sec/move. Jaroslaw won convincingly the first place, having beaten all of his opponents.


A photo of the winner:
Der Gewinner des Turnieres

Almost at the same time, we had an online presence. Some strong players from our club chose to participate to the Swiss L3 Team Battle. The team, despite being one player short, did quite well.

On the coming Tuesday, we plan to play again at the GZ Bachwiesen. We hope to see you there.


The latest decisions about Corona restrictions allows us to organize a Blitz tournament (time control 5+3) on April 28th 2021 in the GZ Bachwiesen for max. 8 players. Arbiter will be Roger Loup. Is not play

If you would like to prepare again for a play over the board, you should be amongst others familiar with the rules; check out an article (German/French language) on the homepage of the Swiss Chess Federation:

Unfortunately, last round we got relegated in the Swiss Team Battle; let’s fight on Tuesday May 4th 2021 for a promotion back to L4 (time control 5+3):


Let’s close this difficult year with a Christmas tournament over the board on December 8th 2020 – blitz or rapid will be decided by our tournament director Roger! Please let us know in the following doodle if you would like to participate – it very much helps us with the planning:
And please be aware that we will be strictly playing under the regulations of the BAG and the GZ!

As already announced, the SGM light will start January 23rd 2021. In total 126 teams registered for this upcoming season – with one Letzi team in the competition. As soon as we receive the drawings, we will inform you! Please check out more details on the homepage of the chess federation:

Last but not least: The upcoming Tuesday December 1st we will have again a team in the Swiss Team Battle league L3 starting at 19:30 with a time control of 3+2:
As usual: Please register in time, the more players for Letzi the better!