As having a BBQ in the park was still not permitted by Police, we met for a nice blitz tournament in our venue.

Rainer was the rating favourite and managed to win the tournament.
Thanks to him especially for feeding our library and the prices for the winners!

Rainer Schaub
Georg Kradolfer5
Roland Löhr
Janusz Barczyk
Roger Loup2
Julien Cretin1
Carolina Kocher-Otero½

Werner Brunner is Blitz Champion 2017-2018

The winner of the 4th and final round of the Letzi Blitz Championship 2017-2018 is Werner Brunner. Congratulations! Playing outside in the fresh air in Zurich was good for him. He went undefeated in the double round robin tournament with time control 5 minutes + 2 seconds per move. Kurt Glatzfelder came second and Roger Loup third. Many thanks to all who played!

This was the second victory and third podium for Werner. He dominated the blitz championship this season and won his first Letzi blitz title. Congratulations!

RankNamePtsChamp. Pts
1Werner Brunner10.025
2Kurt Glatzfelder8.020
3Roger Loup5.518
4Franco Rocco4.516
5Magdy Megeid2.0-
6Thomas Güldenapfel0.014

Blitz Chess Championship Standings after 4 rounds:
1. Werner Brunner 70
2. Franco Rocco 46
3. Thomas Lutz 42

All details and results: Blitz Championship 2017-2018

Club Cup 2017-2018: Blitz Tournament Round 1 of 4

Congratulations to Georg Kradolfer for winning the blitz tournament on Tuesday, August 22, 2017! Thank you, Roger Loup, for the organization.

1Georg KradolferX0.5011111117.51
2Roland Löhr0.5X1010010.5154
3Werner Brunner10X11110.5016.52
4Thomas Lutz010X0110.5014.56
5Dimitros Leventeas0001X0001139
6Franco Rocco01001X001147
7Patric Müller010011X01154
8Ian Cary000.50.5111X10.55.53
9Francesco Bruscoli00.5110000X13.58
10Roger Loup00000000.50X0.510