Despite all Corona restrictions we can at least offer kids training up to an age of 15.
After discussing it with the GZ Bachwiesen and following the safety precautions, we started last week with 7 kids! For further information please get in touch with Roger Loup at the venue or online with Kurt Glatzfelder.

Tomorrow February 2nd there will be an internal rapid tournament on lichess starting at 19:30:
Please support Roger Loup and join the competition!

With further teams joining, the Swiss Team Battle is again stronger – we are still in league 4 and will play a tournament with a time control of 5+3 on February 9th:

If you are rather interested in playing a rapid tournament for Letzi at the Swiss Team Battle, you can join the team the upcoming Saturday February 6th at 16:00 (time control 7+2):

Last but not least: The Swiss Chess Federation decided not to charge the license fee 2021 because of the unclear circumstances:
We will keep this in mind when we discuss the Letzi membership fee 2021 at our general assembly!